Sunday, November 13, 2011


I get a bit sleepy when i put the little one to bed.  I was going to write about my utopian vision for the world.  Maybe I will have a good nights sleep before I tackle that one.  I also want to introduce myself properly soon.

 I feel like this process began in 2008 when Astrid and I went travelling before my wedding.  When I read other people's blogs I think about Toronto.  I have always been drawn to writing diaries but have some mental blocks about them.  When I was young I wrote them, but seemed to feel I needed to write down everything I ate, or I might forget the precious memories.  Later on I swept all sentimentality aside and said to hell with memories, we live in the now!  When we travelled in Africa I wrote letters to my mother, that way I had to stick to the point.  Maybe with this blog I can find a balance.

So here are a few photos of Toronto.  In October 2009 we flew to Toronto for the first bit of our world tour.  And beauty of blogging is: I can post pictures of what I ate!  Yay!

Friday, November 11, 2011

No. 1s and Michael D. Higgins

I celebrated 11 minutes past 11 on the 11/11/11 on the couch with my number 1 girl who was born on the 11/1/11. Then Astrid and I had the elevensiest elevensies ever and watched Michael D. Higgins being inaugurated.  It felt like a new beginning, really and truly.  At the same time it felt like a connection to all the good things of the past was reestablished.  An artist I know said to me that it made her feel like she was allowed to be an artist again, without art being a commercial venture.  One commentator talked about how the language of economics was basically meaningless.  Michael D. will make the words mean what they say again.  I am so relieved that a different interpretation of the world has been re-discovered, having woken up from our / silly season/ celtic tiger.  Heaven and hell can both be found on this earth and I think poetry is a way to get your head around it!  Well now its 12.22 am, on the 12/11/2011, that's pretty auspicious too I think.